Sustainable Development

The environment is above all the number 1 consideration of Max le chauffeur in either the office or on the road.

Here are the points we are committed to in our daily lives:

In the office:

–  We only use low energy consumption lights

–  Our office computers are switched off at the end of the day and never left on stand-by

–  Correspondance with our partners and clients is carried out by electronic mail and  telephone as far as possible

–  Our company only uses 100% recycled paper or certified FSC

– All our waste is sorted and recycled . Our printer cartridges are recharched by a specialised company

On the road:

Eco-driving is essential for the teams of Max le chauffeur. Eco-driving enables us to reduce petrol consumption and CO2 emissions

Here are a few simple but efficient reflexes we have adopted for a smooth, stress-free eco-ride

– Starting the engine without accelerating

– Reaching the engine’s peak operating temperature rather than leaving the motor idling

– Using the most appropriate gear. Driving calmly with anticipation

– Maintaining a constant speed

– Using the engine brake to slow down (the only phase where the fuel feed is cut off)

-Preparing routes to avoid unnecessary milage and traffic delays

– Limiting the air conditioning

Thanks to these reflexes our manner of driving is pleasant for passengers, and at the same time preserves the planet.